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An economy where artists, creators, and fans can earn together and generate value for experiencing moments together 

Geojam's native token $JAM accelerates the economic value of engagement between the fan and creator relationship allowing crowds to leverage their collective influence to create moments and shape their experiences

Our Story

Launched in October 2020, alongside stars such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly , Nyjah Huston, and more, Geojam has been disrupting the ways artist & creators engage with their fans. 

Geojam is a social music platform that's built to generate meaningful, passion-driven fan engagement. The geojam in it's current iteration allows you to share music with friends and earn rewards that get you closer to the artists you love.


Geojam is merging its existing point system onto the blockchain to create a 360º degree token-economic model with a decentralized financial system and protocol for rewards.

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Geojam Whitepaper

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