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Geojam's JAM Token drives our entire ecosystem and social economy. The Geojam platform is backed and trusted by world-class celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyga, and more.

Core Utility

Let's Dive In.

Content Operators

Jam Portal

Become a content operator and unlock access to our data discovery node. Earn $JAM for training Geojam's Al machine-learning & validating content reports & metadata.


Geojam Mobile App

Social engage-to-earn platform powered by Al-generated prompts that make it simple for everyone to share and create in the fan economy.

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Nodes are rewarded for validating transactions using the Trend Tracker.


Trend Tracker

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Analyze trends across social media platforms to curate effective and impactful content. Geojam's artificial intelligence takes the stress and time out of content creation.

Launch Campaigns

Launch your next campaign using Geojam's streamlined Al competition generator. Supply creative, assets and budget for personalized campaigns that align with your objectives.

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Users, creators, and brands will be able to access our business portal. They must utilize $JAM as gas to generate AI prompts & trends.

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Users will earn $JAM for creating content & sharing their data in addition to winning experiences and prizes.

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Brands will use $JAM to launch competitions in order to receive user-generated content. 


Talent Integrations

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Receive secure offers from brands for collaboration with promotion, experiences, and more.


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Monetize through competition submission fees and $JAM pools.


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Monetize through raffles and bids.

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Users utilize $JAM to gain access to experiences and competitions, enabling new monetization for talent.

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Brands send offers & $JAM is placed into escrow until the creator has completed the deliverables. If offer is declined it goes back to the brand.

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