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The Geojam Talent Portal

A secure & transparent way to connect & transact with the world's leading talent.

Whether hiring them for their skills to strengthen and promote your brand or to book a one-on-one session, Geojam provides you with the tools to send proposals to talent directly.

Search our talent roster

*Exclusive to Content Operators

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Our Talent Portal is decentralized and powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Proposals will be sent in our native token, $JAM.

How It Works


$JAM will be held in escrow until the talent accepts or rejects the proposal or until the proposal expires.


Once the talent has completed the proposal, the funds will be sent to the talent.

If the talent fails to complete or rejects the proposal, all funds will be returned to your wallet.


Our Partners

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Sign up to join our exclusive roster of talent through the Geojam For Business Suite. 

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