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Welcome to the Geojam JAMathon!
Prize Pool: $100K in $JA


It's a dynamic blend of marketing savvy and smart contract development where creatives and tech-enthusiasts unite. Dive into user experience, AI integration, and the power of Geojam's JAM smart contracts. Whether you're shaping seamless user interactions or delving into AI-driven possibilities, this event invites you to shape the future of Web3. Join us in growing communities, refining Geojam's user experience, and pushing the boundaries of decentralized applications.


  • Registration Period: December 13th - December 27th, 2023

  • Hackathon Duration: January 3rd - January 24th, 2024

  • Submission Deadline: January 24th, 2024

  • Judging & Winner Announcement: February 5th, 2024


Engineering: $35K

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge solutions and cross-chain integrations at the Engineering Hackathon, where you'll unlock the potential of Geojam's JAM Token for groundbreaking innovations.​

Marketing: $50K

Craft compelling narratives and drive community engagement at the Marketing Hackathon, shaping the future of Geojam's outreach with inventive strategies and impactful campaigns.

Geojam App: $15K

Transform the Geojam experience! Join us in revolutionizing UI/UX designs and proposing tailored strategies for fine-tuning LLM, growth hacking, and product marketing. Earn recognition for impactful improvements and deep understanding of Geojam's ecosystem.

The Engineering JAMathon



The JAMathon aims to empower developers of varying expertise to harness the potential of Geojam's JAM token. Participants will have the opportunity to build innovative decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage the functionality of $JAM across diverse use cases within the Geojam ecosystem. 


Requirements and Submission Guidelines:

  • Open to developers of all levels.

  • Projects must primarily utilize Geojam's JAM token.

Project Submission:

  • Projects must be newly developed during the Jamathon duration.

  • Highlight the functionalities and use cases addressed by the JAM token addresses in the project submission.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovative use of JAM Token within the dApp.

  • Impactfulness and potential utility within the Geojam ecosystem.

  • Technical implementation and execution of $JAM and relevant technologies.


Resources and Support:

To assist participants in their development journey, resources, and support will be provided:

  • Access to Geojam's JAM documentation.

  • Mentorship and technical support for understanding and implementing JAM Token.

  • Workshops and educational materials highlighting the functionalities and best practices for integrating JAM Token.


SWAG and Rewards:

Valid submissions will be eligible for rewards and Geojam-themed SWAG items. Participants are encouraged to incorporate $JAM creatively and effectively to qualify for these incentives.



The JAMathon presents an opportunity to explore, experiment, and innovate with Geojam's JAM token. Participants will play a pivotal role in expanding the functionalities of the Geojam ecosystem by leveraging the capabilities offered by $JAM.

Register today and embark on the journey to #BuildWithJAM and unlock the potential of decentralized applications within Geojam!


Engineering Prizes - $35,000 Prize Pool

Grand Prize:

Innovator's Excellence - Grand Prize - $10,000 Awarded to the most innovative and impactful project showcasing exceptional use of the Geojam Token.

Additional Prize Categories:

Cross-Chain Solutions - $5,000 Encourages exploration and development of cross-chain solutions within Geojam's ecosystem.


Web3 Gaming - $5,000 Celebrates inventive applications at the intersection of Web3 gaming utilizing the JAM Token.

New Geojam Staking Contract or Third Party Staking Contract - $5,000 Rewards innovative and secure staking contracts for Geojam’s Content Operator Staking, Creator Access Pools, or for any new functionality that adds to the utility of $JAM.


SocialFi Innovation - $5,000 Acknowledges pioneering projects in the realm of SocialFi, leveraging Geojam's JAM Token.

Web3 & AI - $2,500 Recognizes the integration of Web3 and AI using the Geojam Token.

JAM Innovation - $2,500 Celebrating creative and innovative building, applications, improvements and approaches that utilize the JAM Token or the Geojam platforms. 

The Marketing JAMathon


Objectives and Judging Criteria

1. Impact & Results (40%)

   - Quantifiable impact based on the KPIs set (user sign-ups, community growth, social media metrics).

   - Tangible results showcasing the amplification of Geojam's presence and engagement.


2. Creativity & Innovation (30%)

   - Originality and creativity in executing community engagement, social media campaigns, and content creation.

   - Innovative approaches to attract and engage users within the Geojam ecosystem.


3. Execution & Strategy (20%)    

   - Effective implementation of marketing strategies, including consistency, timeliness, and alignment with Geojam's goals.

   - Soundness of the chosen tactics and how well they resonate with the target audience.


4. Quality of Reporting (10%)

   - Clarity, completeness, and accuracy of submitted reports showcasing the team's marketing efforts and corresponding metrics.


Requirements and Submission Guidelines:

Participant Registration:

  • All participants must officially register for the JAMathon's marketing segment through Geojam's designated registration platform.

Activity Reporting:

  • Each team should submit regular reports showcasing their marketing activities, initiatives, and the corresponding metrics (e.g., user sign-ups, engagement numbers, community growth statistics, social media analytics).

Geojam Integration:

  • Marketing efforts should prominently feature Geojam's brand, messaging, and the essence of the JAMathon.


Judging Panel

A diverse panel consisting of Geojam's marketing experts, community managers, and external industry professionals will evaluate the submissions based on the provided criteria.


Marketing Prizes - $50,000 Prize Pool

Grand Prize:

Community Engagement Award - Grand Prize - $15,000 Awarded to the team that demonstrates the most impactful and creative community engagement initiatives throughout the JAM-a-thon.

Additional Prize Categories:

Social Media Impact Award - $10,000 Given to the team that generates the most significant reach, engagement, and impact across social media platforms during the JAM-a-thon.

User Acquisition Excellence - $10,000 Recognizing the team that achieves outstanding success in driving new user sign-ups and platform adoption during the JAM-a-thon.


Influencer Partnership Achievement - $7,500 Awarded to the team that effectively leverages influencer partnerships to expand Geojam's reach and engagement.

Content Creation Innovation - $7,500 Acknowledging the team that produces the most innovative and engaging content related to Geojam and the JAMathon.

The Geojam App Hackathon


Objectives and Judging Criteria

1. UI/UX Impact (50%)

   - Effectiveness of proposed improvements in enhancing the platform's usability and aesthetics.

   - The visual impact and ease of navigation are evident in the submitted designs.


2. Knowledge & Understanding (30%)

   - Depth of understanding demonstrated regarding LLM concepts, growth hacking strategies, and product marketing relevance to Geojam.

   - Relevance and practicality of proposed prompt architecture tailored for Geojam's platform.


3. Innovation & Feasibility (20%)

   - Originality and innovation of ideas presented for UI/UX enhancements and prompt architecture.

   - Feasibility and potential impact of proposed growth hacking and marketing strategies on Geojam's user base.


Requirements and Submission Guidelines:

Participant Registration:

  • All participants must officially register for the Geojam App Hackathon through the designated registration portal.

Open Source Libraries will be judged on functionality, feasibility, and use and must be published to qualify for the reward.

UI/UX App Improvements:

  • Teams must propose and implement new design elements or suggest improvements aimed at enhancing the user interface and experience of the Geojam platform.

  • Changes should streamline navigation, improve usability, and elevate overall aesthetics.

  • Submissions should include before-and-after visual representations of the proposed improvements.

Tailor-Made Prompt Architecture:

  • Participants must submit a comprehensive report showcasing a deep understanding of the Language Learning Model (LLM) and its relevance to Geojam's platform.

  • Propose growth hacking and product marketing strategies tailor-made for Geojam's user base, outlining approaches for user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

  • Present innovative ideas to leverage prompt architecture that aligns with Geojam's goals and audience preferences.


Judging Panel

A panel of Geojam's UI/UX experts, product managers, and growth strategists will evaluate submissions based on the criteria.


Geojam App Prizes - $15,000 Prize Pool

Grand Prize:

Innovator's Excellence - Grand Prize - $7,000 Encourages creativity amongst UX, UI, AI (Language Models), and Open Source Libraries to make a significant contribution to the Geojam platform through creative engineering, design, and innovation. 

Additional Prize Categories:

Snapchat React Native Integration - $3,000 Snapchat camera kit (camera, filters, AR, etc.) for a React Native project. The bridge needs to be built.

Apple Music Integration - $2,000 Integrate Apple Music to a React Native project, keeping in mind searching music in the Apple Music library and being able to play it on React Native (public URL or controlling Apple Music through the platform) between the core applications.

Stickers (Instagram/Whatsapp) - $1,500 Paste images as stickers into a React Native project. 

UI/UX Enhancement Award - $1,500 Awarded to the team demonstrating the most impactful improvements in the user interface and experience of the Geojam platform.

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